Company History

Company History

Christopher P. Parr, President, and Founder, scribbled a rough business plan to start a financial advisory practice on a scratch pad while attending a “Thinking of Going into Business” seminar sponsored by the SBA in 1990.  After spending a decade in corporate finance, wading through the challenges of five mergers, he had become disenchanted with the large corporate world and decided to take control of his own destiny.

He founded PARR Financial Solutions in January 1992. The firm initially provided strategic planning, forecasting, and MIS consulting services to corporate clients. Personal fee-only financial planning and investment advisory services were added in 1993 when Mr. Parr attained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP) certification and joined the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

In order to achieve economies of scale, Parr Financial Solutions merged into Financial Advantage, Inc. (FAI), another fee-only financial advisory firm, in 2001.  Mr. Parr became a principal and Chief Operating Officer of the firm.  During his tenure, FAI increased assets under management from $66 million to $230 million, and according to the publication Wealth Manager consistently ranked in the top 250 independent financial advisory firms in the country.

In 2009, Mr. Parr made a strategic business decision to separate from FAI and to launch his own firm once again. The transition to Parr Financial Solutions, Inc. was completed seamlessly on September 30, 2009.






Christopher P. Parr

Christopher P. Parr

CEO and President

Christopher Parr, CEO and President, holds an MBA degree in finance from Loyola College in Maryland, earned his BA degree in economics from Western Maryland College, and is a graduate of the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado. His professional career started in commercial banking in 1980. He became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP) professional in 1993.

Christopher Parr has been selected four times by Worth magazine as one of the nation’s “250 Best Financial Advisors.” He was also selected four times by Medical Economics magazine as one of the nation’s “150 Best Financial Advisors for Doctors.” Mr. Parr has over 35 years of financial services industry experience and has been an owner in a fee-only financial advisory firm for the past 20+ years.

Mr. Parr is a member of the National Association for Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the leading professional association for fee-only financial advisors. He chaired both hearing and grievance panels as a member of NAPFA’s Ethics Committee, and periodically makes presentations to regional and national gatherings of financial professionals and the public.

Mr. Parr has written articles for several national publications. He is co-author of Inside the Minds: Building a $1 Million Nest Egg, published in 2002 by Aspatore Books. He has been quoted by the BBC, Bloomberg Wealth Manager, Financial Advisor, Fox Business News, Investment News, Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Kiplinger’s, Medical Economics, Physicians Financial News, Financial Planning,the Baltimore Sun, the Chicago Tribune, Palm Beach Daily, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

Mr. Parr is past chair of the Howard County Pension Oversight Commission where he was appointed by successive County Executives, approved by the County Council, and served 2 voluntary 5-year terms from 2004 -2013. The Commission is responsible for monitoring the combined pension plans of the Howard County Employee Pension Plan and the Howard County Police and Fire Employee Pension Plan. During his watch, the plans grew from $270 million of combined assets to over $650 million in assets.

Past community service projects include the Howard County Board of Family & Children’s Services, the American Red Cross of Howard County Board, and past chair of his church finance committee. He also provides pro bono financial counseling and served as advisor to a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the homeless become self-sufficient.

About Us

About Us

Parr Financial Solutions – A Fee-Only Financial Advisor

  • Mission

    As a fee-only financial advisor, Parr Financial Solutions’ mission is to help our clients achieve long-term financial security, peace of mind, and a higher quality of life.  We place the needs of our clients first and adhere to the highest standards of quality, integrity, and professionalism.

  • Christopher P. Parr

    Selected four times by Worth magazine as one of the nation’s “250 Best Financial Advisors.” Selected four times by Medical Economics magazine as one of the nation’s “150 Best Financial Advisors for Doctors.”

  • Company History

    Early predecessor, Parr Financial Solutions, was formed in 1992, initially providing corporate financial consulting services…



Why are we unique?

Parr Financial Solutions brings big-firm expertise to a boutique firm personalized relationship, providing holistic financial guidance with attention to detail. Our firm operates in a fast-moving financial environment and a changing economy.  It’s easy to make general recommendations, but taking the time to research and implement solid detailed investment and planning strategies is our strength.

What is the minimum account size for ongoing investment management?

We do not impose a minimum account size; however, our average client has assets under management over $1 million including company retirement plans. Our minimum fee for ongoing investment management is $2,000 per quarter.

Will you prepare a one-time financial plan without requiring ongoing investment management services?

Yes. We quote fixed fees for financial planning based on the scope and complexity of the plan.

Do you provide investment management services for one account only?

We do our best work when we manage your entire portfolio.  This allows us to optimize your portfolio for tax efficiency and to meet your investment goals.  We may consider managing a single account if it meets our minimum quarterly investment management fee.

Will you consult me before you make trades in my portfolio?

PARR Financial Solutions, Inc. manages our clients’ investment portfolios on a discretionary basis.  Discretionary means that all investment decisions are made and implemented by the firm within the context of a client approved investment plan.

How will I know what my investment management fees are?

We provide quarterly consolidated reporting that includes full disclosure of the fees you paid to us and the net return(after fees) on your investment portfolio. Our commitment to our clients is a clear accounting of the bottom line with no hidden costs.



Investment Management Philosophy

Good Decisions Come from Good Plans

At Parr Financial Solutions, we manage our clients’ portfolios in the face of economic and market uncertainty by:

  • Understanding personal risk tolerance and cash flow needs.
  • Applying that knowledge in the design of a customized, diversified portfolio whose purpose is to:
    – Enable clients to achieve their lifestyle goals and
    – Maximize long-term, risk-adjusted returns.

Our investment management philosophy is driven by top-down, macroeconomic analysis.  We also incorporate bottom-up fundamental analysis and the principles of value investing developed by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd in their classic 1934 guide, Security Analysis.  Among the key concepts of value investing are that price matters and that there should always be a “margin of safety” built into investment decisions.  Fundamental analysis focuses on investments that trade at a discount to book value, have high dividend yields, or have low price-to-earnings ratios.

Our core principles of investing are:

  • Do not take more risk than you need to meet your goals.
  • Liquidity matters.  Your portfolio should be structured properly to meet short-term and long-term goals.
  • The best way to optimize long-term returns is to produce steady, consistent results. Avoiding catastrophic loss on the downside is more important than maximizing gains.
  • It is not possible to achieve optimal long-term investment results consistently by following a short-term tactical investment strategy that attempts to time the market.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Wealth Management Clients We Serve

Are We a Good Fit?

Do you value an independent, objective financial advisor and fiduciary who is there for you and pro-actively guides your complex financial decisions across life stages and events — creating a long-term trusted partnership and peace of mind? If so, you fit the profile of a loyal PARR Financial Solutions client. While we serve a diverse base of wealth management clients, we have special expertise advising the following types of clients:

Baby boomers planning and/or transitioning into retirement

Some call it retirement, others consider it a second (or third) career. Others may be faced with an early retirement buy-out option.  Either way, our clients benefit from our time-tested planning and investment management solutions that steer them through the transition to customized wealth preservation and growth plan.

Multi-generational wealth management for Families

These families are faced with the transitioning of wealth between generations and other complex issues involving wealth management and estate planning.  Our clients benefit from having us serve as their financial team captain, coordinating estate planning objectives with an integrated investment management strategy.

Busy professionals, business owners, and corporate executives

These clients face the daunting task of staying focused on their business while needing to make smart, financial decisions. They choose to delegate investment management and financial planning to experts they trust.  In effect, we serve as a personal CFO, integrating and coordinating the various aspects of their financial affairs in a manner consistent with their lifestyle objectives.