Why are we unique?

Parr Financial Solutions brings big-firm expertise to a boutique firm personalized relationship, providing holistic financial guidance with attention to detail. Our firm operates in a fast-moving financial environment and a changing economy.  It’s easy to make general recommendations, but taking the time to research and implement solid detailed investment and planning strategies is our strength.

What is the minimum account size for ongoing investment management?

We do not impose a minimum account size; however, our average client has assets under management over $1 million including company retirement plans. Our minimum fee for ongoing investment management is $2,000 per quarter.

Will you prepare a one-time financial plan without requiring ongoing investment management services?

Yes. We quote fixed fees for financial planning based on the scope and complexity of the plan.

Do you provide investment management services for one account only?

We do our best work when we manage your entire portfolio.  This allows us to optimize your portfolio for tax efficiency and to meet your investment goals.  We may consider managing a single account if it meets our minimum quarterly investment management fee.

Will you consult me before you make trades in my portfolio?

PARR Financial Solutions, Inc. manages our clients’ investment portfolios on a discretionary basis.  Discretionary means that all investment decisions are made and implemented by the firm within the context of a client approved investment plan.

How will I know what my investment management fees are?

We provide quarterly consolidated reporting that includes full disclosure of the fees you paid to us and the net return(after fees) on your investment portfolio. Our commitment to our clients is a clear accounting of the bottom line with no hidden costs.