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Vantage House Men’s Breakfast, JUL 28, 2016 | Macroeconomic Food for Thought

Chris Parr was invited to speak to an engaged and inquisitive group at Columbia’s Vantage House on the impact of Brexit and the global outlook for interest rates and the stock market.  One of the key points he made was that stock market values in the U.S. are inflated relative to economic value and that […]

Business Monthly: Stock Market Turbulence & 5 Steps to Weather the Storm

The increased stock market volatility experienced to date in 2016 has been driven by a global economic slowdown leading to increased fears of a recession in the U.S.  At this point, the U.S. economy does not appear likely to be on a path toward a recession in 2016. Contrary to the stock market turbulence, some […]

River Hill Magazine: Lifecycle Target Date Funds – A useful investment tool and not a one-stop shop

Lifecycle funds, also known as “target date” funds (TDF), are popular investment choices found in many company retirement plans.  They are also being marketed to individual investors through mutual funds as a single, one-stop investment solution.  Lifecycle funds have a simplistic concept which may not be such a bad idea.  The concept is that these […]

River Hill Magazine: First Steps to Establishing a Banking Relationship for Students

In the world we live in today there is a specific place to keep money where it is impervious, the bank. However, your money can be kept in different accounts at the bank for different purposes. Two of the primary ways that students under the age of 16 can accumulate money in the bank are […]

The Business Monthly – A Bond Market Bubble in the Making?

Bonds can be used to diversify portfolios, reduce risk in volatile stock market. But not when interest rates rise fast. Bond market bubble in the making?

River Hill Magazine: Stock Market Turmoil Presents Opportunities to Reap Tax Savings

Stock Market Turmoil This has been a challenging year for stock market investors. Year-to-date through the quarter ending September 30, 2015, the total U.S. stock market was down over 6% and emerging market stocks were down over 17%! The challenges stem from a myriad of problems centered on the global impact of slowing economic growth […]

Turbulent Market Update from Parr Financial Solutions

Stock market volatility this week was largely driven by fears of the impact to global markets from an economic slowdown in China. The Chinese economy is in the early stages of shifting from being manufacturing and exporting dependent to a consumer and service driven economy. This triggered the first stock market correction since 2011. A correction […]

River Hill Magazine: An Economic Blueprint for College Savings – Part II – To help you plan effectively and be well-prepared!

The beginning of a new school year is a good time to think about planning ahead for the costs of college for your children. Five key variables to consider in your analysis are: time horizon, cost assumptions, available resources, account structure, and investment strategy. A previous article, published for the October 2014 issue of Living at […]

Financial Planning Magazine – Social Security: When to Claim at 70

Christopher Parr was quoted in a second article on social security withdrawal planning by Donald Jay Korn in Financial Planning Magazine.  This one focuses on when to claim at 70; “Waiting until 70 generally is preferred, when feasible, because Social Security benefits currently increase by approximately 8% per year for every year deferred,” says Christopher Parr, […]

Financial Planning Magazine – Social Security: When to Claim at 62 

Christopher Parr was quoted in this Financial Planning Magazine article by Donald Jay Korn on social security withdrawal planning. Korn writes: Christopher Parr, CEO and President of Parr Financial Solutions, a fee-only wealth management firm in Columbia, Md., asserts that starting at 62 can be a good choice when cash flow is deficient and supplementary […]