Investment Review & Commentary 2020 Q2

The following presents a brief description of our Investment Review 2020 Q2 developed in-house by our firm. CLICK HERE to read the full report. Please CONTACT US directly to request a copy of our current Investment Outlook & Strategy Updates.   

Investment Review 2020 Q2 ~ Highlights

Benchmark Performance on Page 1 provides index data for the past time periods QTR, YTD, 1-YR, 5-YRS, and 10-YRS annualized. Sources include Barclays, Morning Star, S&P 500, Dow Jones, Russell 2000, MSCI, and US Treasury.

Market Recap on Page 2 covers the meteoric stock market rise, boosted by the unprecedented amount of government fiscal and monetary stimulus, the bond market decline so far in 2020, and the only sectors delivering positive returns, that is technology, consumer discretionary and healthcare.

Market Outlook on Pages 3 & 4, covers the COVID-19 recovery (uneven), US economic outlook (contracting in 2020 and expanding in 2021), US Government payback on the massive borrowing/spending during the health crisis to avert economic disaster, a drop in global economic output and favorable outlook for Gold.

Investment Strategy and Portfolio Update on page 5 covers PSFI’s asset class model update, inflation outlook, portfolio positioning, and fixed income strategy.

News on page 6 provides an excerpt, my quote, in a recent New York Times article on 529 college savings plans, some highlights on the 2020 Cares Act, and more.

To read the comprehensive investment report CLICK HERE.

Disclosure: The Quarterly Investment Review of Parr Financial Solutions, Inc. (PFSI) expresses the views of the firm as of the date indicated.  Our views are subject to change without notice. Past performance is not an indication of future results. This commentary is being made available for educational purposes only.  The information should not be construed as an offering of advisory services or an offer to buy any securities. Certain information concerning economic trends and performance is based on information provided by independent third-party sources.  Parr Financial Solutions, Inc. believes these sources to be reliable, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information, or the assumptions on which the information is based. This publication may not be copied, reproduced, republished, or posted in whole or in part without prior written consent.