Investment Review & Commentary 2019 Q1

The following presents a brief description of our Investment Review & Commentary 2019 Q1 developed in-house by our firm. CLICK HERE to read the full report. Please CONTACT US directly to request a copy of our current Investment Outlook & Strategy Updates.   

Investment Review & Commentary 2019 Q1 ~ Highlights

Benchmark Performance index data for the past time periods QTR, YTD, 1-YR, 5-YRS, and 10-YRS can be found on page one.

Market Recap review and commentary on page two discuss three factors behind the global market rebound from its nosedive in 2018 Q4 and the best performing sectors.  Learn how the market notched its best first-quarter performance in over 30 years.

Market Outlook on pages 3-4 includes review and commentary on the continued slowing of the US Economy with one major economic index noting that the pace of growth could decelerate by the end of the year.  The further commentary discusses the state of growth for the world’s leading developing countries, inflation, oil prices, emerging markets, and interest rates.

Investment Strategy & Portfolio Update In this section pages 4-5, are updates on Asset Class Model, Stock Valuation & Strategy and Fixed Income Strategy as well as a Long-term Perspective.

In PSFI News on page six are Retirement Bits and Pieces with checklists on “Ready to Retire (or Not)” and “Top Financial Concerns for New Retirees.”

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Standard Disclaimer 

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