BBC: “Planning Ahead for Adoption”

Christopher P. Parr comments on adoption planning for the BBC.   On the amount of money adoption with take: “To be safe, add 20% to what you are being told the adoption will cost,”  said Parr.  To read the full article — “Planning Ahead for Adoption: Keep Costs, Time in Check” by Kate Ashford — Click Here









Wall Street Journal – Adopting? Prepare to be Surprised

Christopher P. Parr was interviewed by Veronica Dagher, columnist for Wealth Management at, about the financial impact of adoption that prospective parents don’t realize until they start paying.  “Unexpected costs often crop up,” said Christopher Parr.  He recommended that “clients budget for costs to be at least 20% higher than they originally estimated.”

“Those pursuing international adoptions might find themselves facing unexpected lodging and meal expenses.”  He noted hearing  “of people having to provide tips to service providers for ‘going the extra mile’ on an adoptive parent’s behalf in certain foreign countries.”

He suggested that “prospective parents seek recommendations from professionals in the field and from families who have been through the process when deciding which type of adoption to pursue.” He also recommended that “parents interview several agencies and attorneys to ensure they’re experienced with adoptions to help avoid scams.”

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