Financial Advisor Magazine: Trust and Estate Documents & Planning

Christopher P. Parr was interviewed by Senior Editor Wayne Rasmussen for the Wealth Management & Estate Planning section of the May, 2012 issue of “Financial Advisor Magazine” about the perils of flawed language in trust documents.

The key takeaways from the interview are:

1. All estate documents should be reviewed and updated when your life situation changes, to make sure your wishes are current and represented effectively.
2. Be sure to plan for any potential contingency scenarios. Even the best intentions can go bad if a trust document is not well thought out and well written.
3. Trust language can be nuanced and often confusing. It is best to hire an attorney who specializes in estate planning issues and is not a legal generalist.
4. A good financial advisor can take a leadership role in helping families think through complex family issues and how to plan effectively for them.
5. Consider hiring a corporate trustee to provide trust administration services, when a financially competent family member who is also objective and unbiased is not readily available.

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